Chewing Female Genital Parts

Visceral Evisceration

Lethal frowst - paternal ravish is obvious Body juices, hard nipples... lascivious Addicted to his beautiful daughter The start of an inspired slaughter Nip off her ears with a pincer Lap up the slimy blood-slush Smooching with her while screwing the rear Pierce her uterine-tract until it's mush Fingers get pinced in a vice Slowly removing her scruffy fingernails Scurilous blood-broth suffuses the ground Vaginal skin scattered all around Shaving her black pubes... followed by A last screw from behind Starting the lawnmower rumbustiously Shanks & arms no longer in function Ecstaticaly consume her blood-red genitals Chewing her wounds & offals Hook the rest of the body Exchange his clothes against an apron Smell of cooked, simmered flesh Serving her for dessert, garnished with bacon

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