Fed To The Dogs

Visceral Evisceration

Nervous twitching, panic rising, heart is pounding, hard to breathe Running, fleeing, there's no way, to overpower these mad beasts Feel them gaining, getting closer, soon they'll have my scent Turn, run another way Sudden moves, sudden spin, have to make them go the other way Make them loose my scent, predators, running, hunting me Wants my blood, want to sink, their razor-sharp teeth into me Craving blood imagening, teeth in me As I turn, I scratch my arm, blood from the wound will fuel their rage Eyes are burning, from the sweat, running down my white pale face, In the corner of my eye, I see them, they have run me down Gnawing, chewing, tearing ripping flesh Their grizzly wrath unleashed upon me I'm ripped to pieces Stare, with their blood shot eyes, ready look, empty gaze, only driven, by their lust for blood Hear aweful crunching sounds, as their jaws sink down hard, crushing my bones, tissues gets revealed. Gnawing at my face, chewing at my arms I can feel the flesh give in to them, to their grizzly wrath. Eaten by these predators, I'll be a pile of bones, Nothing can stop these furious flesh craving bastards Disgusting mix of blood and drool Smearing on my face Filling up my mouth, makes me sick Empty staring blood shot eyes Running, fleeing, there's no way to overpower, these mad beasts Feel them gaining, getting closer, soon they'll have my scent

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