Fire Took His Face

Visceral Evisceration

Gasoline is dripped to smear the blood To stop coagulation In the wound cause d by my hammer To penalize severe deception Conscious still But a neutralized threat Pleading begging for a swift end For the mercy of salvation Blood and petrol dripping Soaking Saturated drench in the mix Poor some more Dripping from the face down his chest reaching out to get the lighter ignite the flame Fire burning slowly first then rapidly developing towards a frenzy raging burning flames consuming everything First the torso instigated Then the arms and crouch are burning screams of terror shrikes of pure pain moaning squealing The roaring sound of fire raging mixed with human screams arouses me air is filled with sour smell of hair Skin and flesh consumed by the flame Lame attempts to shield the face result in exposed neck and torso Flesh melt blood boils tissue disolve Working its way up to the neck to spoil and misshape his appearance Eyes turn as they start to liquify Dripping down the chin combined with flesh Blood and fuel Stinging feeling burning Loud screaming Fuel the flame Add gasoline to the blaze Blood boils Starts to seep through the flesh The body now has Stopped its squirming He is silent No more deceit Burned beyond all recognition The fire took his face his features The only thing that's left of him is the burned out skull Air is filled with sour smell of hair Skin and flesh consumed by the flame

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