A Batalha do Arcanjo (Tradução em Inglês)


Compositor:Agailton Silva

Brother how long You pray, you ask, you cry And the miracle did not happen Brother how long You search insisting Going to fight and the miracle did not happen Brother who knows is repeating itself with you The same story happened with Daniel The angel was bringing the answer Enemies prevented him from passing And he returned to the sky. The Lord sent the Archangel Battle against all authority What prevented the angel pass You one more time will sort The battle of the archangel To do pass the angel and bless you. Will repeat What happened about three thousand years ago The battle against Satan the Archangel The flaming sword of the archangel Today will cut Will destroy chains Will repeat The same struggle The same scene supernatural Maybe in space or in outer cosmos And again the same archangel will win the fight And the angel will come down and bless you. Will happen It happens The angel coming down here to bless By order of the Lord Even still hell rage shake and tremble not prevent. Will happen It will happen The angel coming down here to bless Because to Jehovah View a chosen lose a fight Is unacceptable Is unacceptable The miracle my brother In your life today is inevitable.