Diálogo 2 - Diante do Trono - Só Para Crianças

Diante do Trono

Compositor:Sara Silvestri Loirinha

Never let someone say that it is not wanted. Before you were born, God looked after you. It delimits the rest. Completed to the eyes of a Father. One never preoccupies so that others speak. Hardly cheer, and see how He, up there, loves you very much. Agredeça for this perfect body that you have. It is not all who are born with two bracinhos, two perninhas, two little hands, two pezinhos and much more, of right what you have. Sir I love you. I thank for you my Sir. Sir I love you. I thank for you my Sir. Very obliged my Santissimo Deus completed and marvelous.

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