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Ain't No Sunshine

It's dark and Hell is hot

Ain't no sunshine when it's on
only darkness everyday
Ain't no sunshine when it's on
'Cause when it's on
Ya'll niggaz beter be gone
everytime 'cause we don't play

(Verse 1)
Who turned turned out the lights
Is what ya'll niggaz be sayin
You don't wanna fight
'Cause ya'll niggaz be playin
Thinkin it's alright
playin with that road
you gone know the night
you'll be layin in the cold
Dirt gettin tossed in your grave
now it' all over
Preacher said you was brave
but now it's all over
You just one of the many plenty I gon' give it to
(Boom) ain't no savin you
no matter how many tears your mom crys
ain't gone bring your ass back plus in hell you gon' fry
Why, but now the only two relative qeustions is
"Do we bury hime or burn, any suggestions?"
Either way you up outa here for good
now when niggaz mention your name they knockin on wood
Did I get my point across
anutha body on the shotte anutha joint i toss

Ain't no sunshine when it's on
Only Darkness every day
Ain't no sunshine when it's on
'Cause when it's ya'll niggaz better be gone
Everytime 'cause we don't play
Everytime 'cause we don't play
Everytime 'cause we don't play

(Verse Two)
There ain't no sunshine when the Dark Man comes out
And I want mine so I plan to keep my gun out
We got four 9'z so niggaz run in and run out
But i bust mine so I'd like to hear some shouts
Get at me dog niggaz kno how it's gettin dizzy
'Cause when it comes to that flow I gets busy
Who is he Dark Man of the unknown
(GRRRR ARF) one dog one bone
Now who ain't goin home
looks like you
You hear Strike One
Talkin shit Strike Two
Won't be a Strike Three
'Cause I don't play fare
I'm gon look you in the eye
while he hits you from the rear
Be like Yea holdin you up 'cause you fallin'
the Lord ain't comin so Nigga stop callin'
You was ballin' a minute ago in it for dough
Till it was "Yo I swear to God I didn't know"


(Verse Three)
And I know I know I know I kno
What you think you gon' get fuck around with my dough
Just so there ain't no mistakes this is my show
One(one)Two(two) Three here I go
Your shit is quick but your shit is slick
But this shit is thick so when you here this shit
Damn right I'm gonna finish shit
If you caught that verse without a rewind
you can see mine
But you be blind I do a 360 come up from behind
Tap you on your shoulder have you turnin around
then i'll hit you with sumthin that'll have you burnin' the ground
Be like"Damn There nuthin left of the money but a pile of ash"
Life is good so please enjoy it while it lasts
'Cause you know you ain't got much longer to go
The quicker you go depends on the stronger the flow
Niggaz know I don't give a fuck right or wrong
There Ain't no sunshine when it's on



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DMX Earl Simmons (18 de Dezembro de 1970 em Baltimore, Maryland), mais conhecido como DMX, é um rapper americano, surgiu depois da morte dos grandes rappers 2Pac e The Notorious B.I.G. DMX começou a construir sua carreira com um aparecimento nas mi...

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