Fuck Your Core

2 Headed Chang

I'm not here to be your fukin spectacle
To make your life something less than a tragedy
I don't care about your vices and failures
Get up and stand on your own two feet

Fuck your core!
Out with the new and back to the true
Fuck your core!
Stop crying and get back in the kitchen

How's the view from behind your mama's skirt
Easy to fall when you don't have far to go
Gross acceptance of mediocraty
Is the new quid pro quo.

Take your balls and shove 'em up your ass
To keep your head company
While you jam on the same old song and dance
Lollipops for the crybaby rock bands

Lyrics to Dead And Gone :
In a puddle of my own blood
Thinking how did it ever come to this
Robbed of my youth, my life, my future
The devil reaching out to me

Dead and Gone
The devil's hands are reaching out to me
Dead and Gone
And nothing will remain

Reaching out, my last desire
To know the things I've known before
Just a shard of a broken existence
For me to take into the dark

Pushing in to a last warm embrace
Biting down to hold the fantasy
I hear the screams, but I'm not listening
Spectrums of pleasure and pain

Left behind in the darkness of chaos
The only light unattainable
Sit and stew over wasted moments
While the spirit of Vengeance consumes me

Desparation only fuels the anger
Nothing worse than my own abuse
Cursed to argue with a man in a broken mirror
Watching on as it all falls away

Shattered, I cut my hands as I pick up the pieces
Bleeding out, but death never comes to me
Crucified, and no one really gives a shit
All I ever seem to do is destroy

Stumbling over broken glass,
A new light ahead taunting
A fire that burns with ferocity
This is where I made my bed

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