Year Of Khelidon

300 Miles Between

"Trust is broken Master!"
Sick and tired of games they play,always so innocent with their white lies...their mask and Their disguise
"Love and hate is not enough"
This world is full of bastards and I have no difference to them all
Just Fuck it all!
It`s always fun to die?

Are we happy now?
Our promise was fulfilled to break us down
Where`s the sorry ones now?

"My heart is full of sickness",but the hurt means nothing!!
I will search my strenght for the Year of Khelidon!
"Thank you for beheading me!"Love is no option!"
I am your pain...you cannot win me!

"...you fail,you all,you fail!"

"Here we sleep under the sun"
Caught in the web of simplicity,we have made a trouble of ourselves,and its so ironic
"Selfish needs wont be erased!"
Spend our lives trembling in the darkness,knowing nothing but our useless little games

Are we satisfied now?
Once again we are the dogs without a bone...hah!
I am not laughing alone

"The carousel is spinning fast,with so much pain"
I will search my strenght for the Year of Khelidon
"I always wanted this Hell to be a Part of me"
I am inside you and you must kill me!

"Hey motherfuckers!
Our names are on the list
We deserve the worst to fall apart!
Once and for all,I must leave this world of shit behind!"

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