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Everyone is just a searcher for the fragments of happiness
And they sometimes will be unhappy because of getting that fragments

Everyone is just a searcher for the fragments of happiness
They struggle, trouble, and swindle to obtain that fragments

What’s done can’t come undone if man can’t help missing
So don’t let us do it again, and
Let’s take our hope and dream we left behind on yesterday
They are awaiting for us and shining so brightly

Carry on! `cuz you are still alive
When you drop this travel, it is the end of your life
Carry on! If you despair of your soul
Forever standing strong, I will go on singing my song

The dream shall give us the power of to be happy
And the hope shall lead us forever
Words cannot convey how wonderful the life is
So I convey this thoughts to everyone by my songs

Take my hand! I’ll escape you from nightmare
As long as your blaze of life burns, you’re invulnerable!
Nobody could be happy alone
Hurt and love mutually, man can get the fragments of happiness

And I wanna tell them my way of life, my inmost thoughts and my inspiration
And I wanna feel their pleasure

That’s my meaning of life and my tiny happiness
That’s my reason of life to collect the fragments of happiness

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