Delectable News

51 Peg

Delectable News

The issue is technical filled with delectable news.
Don't misdirect yourself, beware the battles you choose.
Carry whatever grudge you feel you need to get you through,
But don't try to tell me that I've got to carry one too…
(it's such a fine line)
Your plight is nonsensical, filled with hysterical news.
Try not to overlook millions of obvious clues.
Cover your tracks and disguise your misgivings,
Never let on that you might be human.
Every infidel drowns in the same black pool…
(it's such a good time)
Your kind of game is tame compared to what I'll do to you.
You've got yourself to blame. You opened up the door and walked right through.
Your game is tame, compared to what I've got in store for you.
Don't let your special interest alienate the truth.
They sent me to rectify all your unbearable views.
Before this is over you'll walk in the woe - fullest shoes.
A mile in your mind is a league in the long run.
You don't have a clue so I'll help you procure one.
This limited offer will come to an end very soon…
(you're on a time line)
So, now that we've spoken and put a few demons to bed.
Try not to back peddle, stand by the words that you've said.
Don't ever think that you're in the clear.
I'm right behind you, I won't disappear.
I'll never be quite as small as you hoped I would be…
(I'll get you this time)

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