Holding back a frown
Can’t look down
Cause the room is spinning
Shakey till she comes
I’d feel dumb

If you knew I’m missing (I’m not)
Mexico again
Portland wind
And your stupid grinning
Hope it’s not too late
Had to wait
I didn’t have in me (what’s wrong)

This is my attempt
To amend
My past actions I was
Trapped inside my head
Seeing red

Feeding gas to fire
Haven’t made it out
But I found
Solace in denial
You’ll remember this
What we missed
It won’t take a while (come on)

I been tryna find peace ever since you left
(Insane I’m so gone now)
I been tryna find me ever since you left
(Insane I’m so gone now)

I been so alone now
Hands all on my throat now
I been off anxiety
At least I know now

Everybody knows now
Keep me comatose now
I’m just tryna find
What you find
‘Fore you come
Back in my life

I don’t wanna change
So I blame
People closest to me
They don’t get the half
That I have
My part needs improving (I know)

You see clearly now
Shaved your brows
Started over smoothly
I just built these walls
Missed your calls
Put my heart in stupid (I choked)

That’s not your black shirt
It was hers
You’d look better in it
We sat right here too
It was new
Nothing ever did it (so close)

Maybe it’s my nerves
Or a curse
They would never get it
Head down to your shoes
Through and through
You were always different (my own)

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