One Way Highway


(Mcfadden, Mcclarty)

Sometimes I Wonder 'bout the Pages of My Life
As Each New Chapter Comes of Age
I Set the Theme, I Spell the Words, I Rhyme the Lines
Then Why Can't I Read What's On the Page?

I'm Heading On Down a One-way Highway, Searching For a Sign
That Leads the Way, So Fast From Day to Day
I'm Heading On Down This One-way Highway, Somewhere Down the Road
Another Morning Waits For Me, Each Day Another Mystery
I'll Take It On My Own, Go There Alone

Lately I Wonder, What I'm Learning On My Way
There's So Much Left I Need to Know
Life Is a River, That's Searching For a Source
How Far Do I Still Have Left to Go?


Looking Out to the Highway, I Search For Love, But Still I'm Alone
What's Wrong With Me, Am I Losing Ground? I Can't Find the Way Back Home


Turn the Page Around, Find What I Left Behind
Now That I'm On My Own, It's Not What I Wanna Find
I Wanna Settle Down, I, I Turn the Page Around
I Want to Find My Way Back Home, Why Can't I Find My Way Back
Home, Home, Home, Home, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh
I'll Find My Way Back Home

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