I Sold My Soul For a Cigarrette

Abbreviated. Life. Expectancy.

I was a stupid kid
I could have gotten more out of that deal
That bad boy, Satan
He tricked my ass good
He said, "I'll give you a cigarrette if you'll give me your soul"
I thought it over and agreed
I signed the dotted line and my soul was his
Now all I have is this lousy cigarrette.

I later found out that I could have gotten more.
Satan just "forgot" to tell me this...
I know a guy who got a porsche AND a cigarette in exchange for his soul.
I've even heard that someone got an entire field of watermelons for his soul.
So what the hell did I get?
I'll tell you what I got.
I got this one lousy cigarrette in exchange for my soul.
And you know what the worst thing is?
I didn't even ask Satan for a lighter.

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