Angels Depraved


A loud crash of thunder...
Voice of immorality
A veil of disgrace
Plumage of depravity

The moon has arised
From the starless dark
Into windless night
Embracing the sinner souls

Lightnings fall in the ruins
Walls of impurity...
Arcanum of apostasy
A tale of lost nobility

This castle of insane is abode
Of the betrayers...
Treachery of grace and belief
Treachery of innocent souls

But the angels that did not keep
Their proper domain
But left their abodes reserved
In everlasting chains under darkness

They are dead
They shall not enliven
They have deceased
They shall not rise
They sleep in lies
The truth for them
Will never come
They are alone
In this sinner sanctum

Legions of the doomed
Feathers of envy
A sign of irony
In the tortured black hearts!

The perversion becomes
To fulsome flattery
The greatness of soul
Into... insanity

Fornicating in between
They're licking each other
Sadness covers their venom in veins
Chains of delusion, gomorrean nature
Erotic kiss under the cover of the thighs

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