Tiny Monster

Abney Park

Conceived in Darkness, late at night,
the creature turns out the light.
Slowly, creeping near,
whispering in her ear.

They take their clothes off, kiss her neck,
her nerves are trembling, she's a wreck,
Backs arch, he grabs her thigh,
they're reaching for their greatest high.

Just then the Devil plants his seed, feeding on his darkest need.
In the darkness, late at night,
the monster begins its life.
Deeply, it grows inside, feeding on it's mothers hide.
Softly, heart starts to beat, kicking its tiny tiny arms and feet.

Tiny monster, deep inside.
Draw the blinds up, you can't hide.
Tiny monster, it steals your soul.
Tiny monster, takes it's toll

The tiny tiny Monster, awakes inside, and prepares to come alive.
Come alive. Come alive. Come alive.

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