I wanna learn more about you We haven't spoke in quite a while And all of the dreams that come true So surprising how it catches you I wanna learn more about me I've been sinking like a setting stone And now the dreams are realising it's true That's why I wanna learn about you I wanna know more about life And things that can fly in between my mind I wanna change all the I dream about My waking and my so many lives, oh my I wanna learn more about you We haven't spoke in quite a while Just let me, let me come through I'll give you my heart, my life for life She gives me love When love had gone away When the pressure came so fast She give me love Long distance runaround And in between the pressure I was summoned How did we dance on the south side of the sky We saw the flags flying on the moon And thru the gates of delirium so fast Believing in the light was a beginning Only to believe in you Only to believe in you She give me love When I was losing fast I was awakened by the dream She was the love for me the first and last And all that I remembered Was the roundabout only to believe in you Who was the first to show The moon at night Is never so far away We are the first to define the Languages of love Who was the first to learn The universal consciousness divine We are the first to discover This day in our time And when the history of science Re-writes itself each day We are living in days of wonder Simon says So wonderful true believer So wonderful I'm alive Just take this world of life Each day at a time So up this universal-acapo

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