Believe Me

Ace Hood

Huh, peace, I'm the only one to get the job done
I don't know nobody out here fuckin' wit me
Nigga, I'm just tryna blaze
I get that money err'day
Believe me, believe me!
I'm the one who killin' erry beat
I'm just tryna find somebody to compete
I'm my muthafuckin' peace
Fuck it!

Goin' in, talkin' 25 to life
Only one who kill a beat and I can bring it back to life
Ain't no need to say it twice, I am not the one to play with if you need advice
I'm tryna make a million in a month
Used to fight for the employee of the month
Errytime I'm on a beat I get a rush
I'm the one who get it done, Michael Jordan in the clush
We got a prolem, boy, don't make a nigga blush
You the shit? Then I'm a sewer
Either way, I get ya flushed
Like an iPhone pussy, I can call and get you touched
Nicki post the type o' pictures make a pastor wanna cuss
Holy shit, you muthasucka, fair ogama wanna buckle
I'm the one amongst the copper, boy, don't make me wanna chuckle
I got money in the duffle, lot of years into the hustle
Befo' you put my life in jeopardy, you catch a daily gubble
That be 25 rounds if you play mine
Aye, yous a pussy nigga, boi, where ya tampon?
See I was out there grillin' for a vacate
It's goin' down at the villa, nigga, mayday
A hunid grand, that's the estimate/week rate
For Pete sake, that's the lightest way that we play
I got the presidential rollie set on my time
Do all that hatin' nigga dissin'?! Come with pompons?
I fly yo lady to whateva state the boy in
And you ain't even gotta ask, just know I'm goin' in
Believe me, believe me, my new shit will rock you right up out yo sleep
And they ain't tryna find nobody else to be
Cause I'm a muthafuckin' peace
Still at it, I'mma get 'em body baggin'
It ain't no secret - automatic
What's the fussin'? - all the static
Got the Lambou' doin' magic, disappearin' outta traffic
I'm just addin' up the money, boy, just simple mathematics
I was young without a daddy, reason why I'm such a savage
If ya playn wit my people, then you gon' have to pick a casket
Don DAD, I'mma don, you ain't nothin' but a pebble in the pond
Watch the snakes, they approachin' on the lawn
Hood nation, they could neva break the bond
Hey, I ain't even have to flex
You don't really want me comin' at you neck
I got ? and I got nets
Ya phone next to tell you bitch to send a text, nigga
And I'mma be the nigga, believe me, believe me
She gon' travel round the world for the D
This is greatness in the makin', boy, I been a threat
A wigless nigga, you ain't get a seat yet
Eva want me in yo seat, you betta send a check
I don't need a pet, you know when you see a vet
Tell the critters go to hell
I'm the one who rule before Johnny Menzel
Sorry for the wait, I had a temper with a scale
Fuck yo favorite rapper, that the word, you run and tell
Huh? Y'all done got me on my old flow
I'mma ride for my niggas, tell the logo
The squad folk nation if ya didn't know
Sign sealed by the realest, you will neva know
Cheesh, free Meek, free my nigga Fat Boy too!!!
Greatness comin' soon nigga, like that
That shit on the way, nigga
Blood nation, we the best, nigga!
Believe me!
It don't take to Instagram for you to get the picture, nigga

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