Teach Me How To Dougie

Ace Hood

I'm Mister Hood (Well alright)

Okay, now welcome to my gutta show
Pockets on Geronimo
Creeping in that Beamer black, call it Maya Angelou
24's on the toe, cut the top like Amber Rose
And I'm with a bad bitch, you can see her camel toe
Tities like a cantaloupe, and she got that super throat
Man I'm getting laptop, call my bitch a Vaio
Beat it like she stole the dough
I made her catch the Holy Ghost
Deuces to you, adios, like Chris Brown and Tyga hoe
Damn, let me take it slow
Teach me how to dougie though
Fuck it, bags of money flow, I am such a nympho
Benjamin my kinfolk, we go back like '64

Talking about Nintendo, but I don't play no games hoe
I'm a movie role, you're an episode
I'ma live in color, like a Arsenio
So what the dealio? I get the member loaps
Six figure checks, that's when you're winning though
I'm an asshole, stuff it till the bag swole
I run my city homie, you can call me Castro
Hundred thousand dollar chain make my neck glow
So she suck it till she start to get a strep throat
I'm in beast mode, tell me what is info
I'm the shit, boy somebody get the Pepto

I say, get the Pepto

Okay, because, I be on some money, I be, I be on some money shit [X3]

You can do it too, got to join the We the Best clique

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