The Little People


Some people fear of the morning, some people fear of the night
Some people here fear the pale moonlight and some wait for the night
Some wait for the night...

Once they lived near by the old wood, deep under trees, warped by roots
Once they were friends of the human race but they could not keep the pace
Of the human race...

Some people saw them once dancing, dancing between ancient stones
Wild hand in hand round the fires heat afar the Christian breed
Round the fires heat...

But now they're gone, our priests have turned them into tales
Our church bells have driven them away
And now the sign of the cross is burned forever in their flesh
Forever and ever and a day
Our church bells have driven them away...


Me granddad met some of the old race, quite a few times long ago
Sometimes the doors here were open wide and both worlds did collide
When doors were open wide...

He told me you could hear their voices, delightful and near were their songs
Beautiness drifted all through the night, soaked in silver light
Drifting through the night...


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