The Embodiment: Part One - Of Darkness

Aeon Of Horus

The torn aethereal flesh
Cast upon the waters of Earth
Drenched in the turmoil of the infertile one

Isis comes to retrieve her Lord from the sands of the upper
And lower kingdoms
Preparing for the pyre torn asunder were his remains
His pieces were lost to the sand, pieced together
By Isis and Anubis
The king was reborn and the son was spawned

(Now risen from the marshes
Osiris descends to the netherworld
Emerging keeper of the afterlife)

The dawn awakens the hawk his eye penetrating the sky
The hawk has awakened
Light is born, the pharaohs reign is nigh

He petitions the council of the Gods
The sun beaming down on the deliberation
The claim is his! Light the Earth

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