Blind Man


Álbum: Blind Man

I took a course in hallelujah I went to night school for the blues I took some stuff they said would cool ya but nothing seemed to light my fuse but it's all in the past like a check that's in the mail she was a tall whiskey glass I was an old hound dog that just loved to chase his tail until I met a blind man who taught me how to see a blind man who could change night into day and if I can I'm gonna make you come with me because here comes the sun and we'll be chasing all the clouds away I've had some lovers like a joy ride some things are never what they seem my heaven's turned into a landslide I thank God I woke up from the dream because here comes the sun and we'll be chasing all the clouds the way bees chase honey and drink all the flowers dry we'll be saving us a little money and if that don't do it, yeah, I know the reason why don't make no sense lightin' candles there's too much moonlight in our eyes because here comes the sun ain't no surprise ain't no doubt about it gonna open up your eyes

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