Can't Stop Messin'


Álbum: Can't Stop Messin'

Compositor:Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Jack Blades, Tommy Shaw

sittin' at a stop sign lookin' for a friend of mine waitin' to salute the flag talkin' to some he/she slidin' over next to me man, she said, this life is a drag it's a shaky situation and I'm hangin' on my will and I get no satisfaction from a hundred dollar bill but I got what i came for and I'll do it 'til i drop you do what you want to do I ain't never gonna stop you say you got somethin' that makes you feel good and you can't stop messin' with it all your life you've been so misunderstood 'cause you can't stop messin' with it sittin' by the seashore dreamin' 'bout a little more circlin' the classifieds nine seven six man I need another fix I'll never have to kiss the bride yeah, the city is a war zone this country gone to hell and the beer cans in the alley from the rich folks on the hill they're screamin' hallelujah but I don't give a damn 'cause I got my own religion yeah, it's right here in my hand

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