Don't Stop


Álbum: Don't Stop

remember when somebody tried to tell you how to walk and now they got the balls to tell us how we should talk oh no, glove love ain't cool, I must agree so get outta my face, you ain't got nothin' on me some say they do, some say they don't, I take it in stride and I can never get enough if I don't got to swallow my pride I heard it all before and then she told me, gimme some slack then she smiled at me and gave me the shirt right off her back (and that's when I took advantage of the situation) don't stop rockin' your socks off don't stop knockin' their blocks off don't stop gettin' your rocks off don't stop takin' a hit, boy don't stop shakin' your fist, boy don't stop I ain't got much to lose I'm feelin' so confused there's such a small thin line between pleasure and pain and when you say don't, then it's don't stop, I got to complain (yeah) I think I may be gettin' real tired of all the steam because it's hard to get the way you move out of my dreams (got to get it while you can) whenever you're in doubt you got to whip it out when you keep hearin' no and your body says yes but you can't hear a word that's been said but you gotta confess lookin' up her address got you thinkin' with your other head

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