Rock In A Hard Place


Álbum: Rock in a Hard Place

It was a take it or a leave it On a Saturday night I wish I could love you 'til the cats come home And make it right If it's a make believe I say I ain't tell you then 'Cause if it's a dream my memories wake me up and start again Oh, close your eyes and what do you see Oh, look overhow you could do with your only believes (Chorus) She was a real top manner Lots of nothing other Hard Core biloozy Late night rubber A second hand clothes Smiling like a Cheshire Cat Well it was either now or walkin down the urchin' moon Only a certain situation you could see I'm who Putting the ring around the rose n' pull the daisy chain Well, we are here, can tell me you ain't with that bachelor thing Oh, close your eyes and what do you see Oh, nothing but hammer to you with your only decease in me (Chorus) If you have wanna won with me You're not to have be here tonight Want you to hold it down And let me lose a rock me right Want you to get it on I'm your main man Brother you never learned Come on and rock again Oh, close your eyes and what do you see Rumbelin' happy to do with your only believes in me

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