What Kind Of Love Are You On


You say one thing then you do another You got it all wrong so you blame it on your mother Your kicking the dog cause you can't get the cat You know it ain't cool but you like it like that Everybody talking bout what it is, what it ain't You kiss on the devil and you piss off a saint But it can't be love if you don't have to crawl You say you don't need nothing but you got to have it all I want to know What Kind of Love are you on Jelly roll Jane, rolling on the rug Choking on a lover like a brand new drug Do the same thing, every damn day Do the same thing, do the same thing Never seem to get enough I want to know What Kind of Love Are You On I got to know What kind of Love Are You On Oooooooooooh When Jack took Jill on that hill She charged his ass a quarter Well, he flipped his lid Uh, cause what she did Oooh, she shouldn't hadn't oughta Ooooooh Rocking in the cradle with a high school vamp Screaming at a homey like an old tube amp Up down, sideways, going in and out of things Everybody I say why I can't see how it makes me cry I want to know What Kind of Love Are You On Yeah I want to know What Kind of Love Are You On Uh, uh ,uh, uh, I've gotta know What Kind of Love Are You On

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