Land's End

Aidan Knight

I have felt unuseful or morbidly awake
Snacking on the ends of youth
Biting into something new
Chewed the fat and kept an eye on you

The stillness, The stillness when I saw your eyes
I'm not sure how I feel
The lyric gets too personal
The lyric is autobiographical
A definite time

For the time, for the time being
I am honestly
Smiling now, hearing what you're singing
In earnesty
At Lands End I know you felt the distance
Planned ahead, for these tearful kisses
At Lands End, through the cedar clearing
You drove instead of offering your feelings

Will you read into me
To hear the things I never say
When your heart's as shy as mine
I rarely ever do
Feasting on the start of it
I kept my eyes on you

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