So It Goes


Pouring rain beats the raincoat
By the ruins of war
Wet steps echo from the walls around
But sounds fade in the rain
Walking fast he comes to a square
Takes a look up to the sky
He throws a dime in a wishing well
And hopes for sun

Two laps
On a merry-go-round
Kiss of fortune
In A wheel of life

"Good life needs luck" - I'm alive
"Someones bad luck" - So it goes

The sky becomes bright as glass
The man smiles deep inside
The bombers came and filled the air
It seemed so unfair
Bloodshed took an hour or two
No brick left on a brick
The man dives in the wishing well
And buys a life with a dime


Walking fast he leaves the square
Eyes looking up to the sky
He throws the dime on the sidewalk
To be found by someone

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