Then I knew another entity
And a blaze of light came in
Through the darkness of my soul
Now I can see golden paths
As they are lit by her divine grace
Everything is changing
'Cause now I'm conscious
Of the limits of my earhly embodyment
I've just crossed their threshold
In order to hold the power of my spirit
Without any inhibition

So leave your flesh
And the useless sense of space
Follow me in this timeless illusion
Join the new entity and we'll
Eternally drown in the seas of delight
Restlessly we will only obey
Our unconscious desires
Causing the loss of our inner tranquillity
We don't belong to reality
As humans wouldn't bear
The mightiness of our souls

Trapped in this eerie but yet fascinating dimension
I'm totally rapt by my doubt:
"Do we need to be humans
To suffer again and lose the eternal pleasure
Just to follow the laws of nature?"
We dared far too much
And I was aware of it
But now it's too late
To withdraw from my faults
And let you escape
From this forbidden state of mind

The time has come for us to balance the account
And pain,caused by the memory of our journey
Will follow us forever and ever
Our deep love will be punished
By nature's entity
Its evil spirits will haunt us forever
Your forgiveness is
The only thing I care about

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