Alan Chin

Celebrate: Amid the Sound and Light
On a table with friends
Everybody's fine
They're all drinking wine
You fell in love
In a crowded room
Not for the first
But for the thousandth time
So you Celebrate your Love
With a little house
Just made for two
With all the lovely things
You can buy brand new
You gonna settle down
Just the both of you
You gonna be a good soul
From now on....
[Verse 2]
When the sap first rose
Back in the day
You thought you'd play it smart
The trail of broken hearts
You said they won't find you
They won't find you
They won't find you
Just living in a box for two
So you celebrate your love
[Verse 3]
So when you catch an eye
And your dancing heart
Starts telling you the lies
You're doing it to survive
What else could hurt
So much it makes you cry

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