I Will Never Stop

Alex Di Castro

II'm always running against the time
If there's an obstacle, be sure I'll fight
Just like an old song I bring in my mind
No river deep, or mountain high

I have an inner force, a special light
My bloody pressure is extremely high
My eyes can see things at many years light
I hear your heartbeat, I can read your mind

And I'll never stop
But don't be afraid
Cause I'll never stop
That's why I was made for
I'll never stop
Your life is in my fate

I've being crossing deserts and seas
I've seeing things a single man will never see
I saw nations falling, I saw warriors borning
And my faith, was left behind when I finally found my way of living

And I'll never stop
Cause I will live till the end of time
I'll never stop
No place on Earth where you can hide
I'll never stop
That's why I was made
I'll never stop
Your life now is in my fate

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