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One Last Dance

Alyssa Milano

As I look into your eyes
And I tell you how I 've been
I still can't find the words to say
What I really feel within

I guess I'll keep pretending
That everything is fine
And act as if I'm over you
And that you never cross my mind
But if my heart beats wild
When I'm close to you

Will you see the spark in my eyes
Before we say
Our goodbye's

Don't you hear the music that we dance to
Since we missed our chance
Share the moments that we plan to
Can once dance do any harm
Baby won't you hold me like you used to
Forget I ever know you
If it happens that i lose you
This one dance will keep you close to my heart

I've missed you tender touch
I've dreamed of being here
But even sweetest dreams
You'd always dissapear
So I can't be sure what you're lookin' for
Or expect forever again
When even tonight
Has to end


Memories, I tossed away
Returned as good as new
So how can I just walk away
From one last dance with you
When even now...I'm still in love with you
I can't stop thinking we're meant to be
More than old friends meeting tonight
And the light in your eyes
Says I'm right


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