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Hell is Fine With Me

André Christovam

God I’m writing you from Hades
As you can probably see
Far from me to ask you from mercy
Just to tell that I understand and in my heart I do agree
Since I don’t belong to heaven
Hell is fine with me

I can’t complain about the weather
I’ve got myself a descent tan
I’m not even feeling lonely, sir
There’s tons of people I met before down here
Since I don’t belong in heaven
Hell is fine with me

All this stuff about suffering and pain
I can do deal with, so it seems
I just miss my baby quite a bit
If you lord, knows what I mean

I couldn’t help, I was so horny
And she was so deadly kind
I was lost within a single touch
Deaf, dumb and blind
Hope she’s well among your angels, sir
Coz’ hell with me is surely fine

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