Black Swan Song


I waded through the darkest fields you'd imagine
Your pretty face sketched on the barrel of my gun
And I know you'll be the first to welcome me
When I climb into eternity
Oh, oh

The forest always kept us warm
But it doesn't feel like home anymore
And I know there's bigger mountains where you are
And a better climate for my heart
Oh, oh

I've been racing the clock
And I've run out of steam
I am ready for my final symphony
Oh my body is weak
But my soul is still strong
I am ready to rest in your arms

Though many battles I have won
I lost too many friends I could count on
And I know, they'll be the first to welcome me
When I parachute into eternity
Oh, oh


And the rain beat down on the rooftops
But there was no sound
There was no sound
And all my friends and family carried me
They carried me home
Carried me home

Chorus 2x

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