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I Love You So

B.B. King

Oh my darling i was so lonely
Searching for you and for you only
Oh my darling i love you so

Oh my darling my love is true
Longing for you, no one else will do
Oh my darling i love you so

When i first saw you dear i knew you were alone
I said to myself that i'd make you my own
Your brother caught us kissing
I though he would surely tell
Until he started playing those wedding bells

Now my darling i'm yours forever
Don't ever leave me, leave me never
Oh my darling i love you so

Oh yes it's true, now i have you
And best of all i know now
That i'll never have to be blue
Oh baby, i love you so

I mean you, baby

Composição: B.B. King/Jules Taub

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