What breaks a heart

One day I realised that nothing lasts for eternity
And now this knowledge always lets me down
Although you tell me my will is weak and I won't resist
Days show me that will is an old law

I'm sure I cannot be responsible
For every single moment in my whole world

I know I can choose some things to run my own life
I don't prefer to let it burn but I could freeze it sometimes

One day I realised that people come and people go away
And all that remains are my memories
If I had the strenght to follow this free and lonely way
Maybe I'd feel better in the next stories

I hope to get rid of this bitter taste
A freedom inside a structure I shouldn't waste

I wish I faked all my faces to show you I don't mind
In fact I'm supposed to be brave not a coward blind

Believe, I cried in a boreal spring
This suffering is mine, breaking my naive heart
It's about time to get brand new wings
I will find, it's only one more restart

Is there a place where human race isn't falling down?
Am I free? Am I stuck? Or am I just a clown?
I've been trying to keep away those things which break my heart

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