Glory Days

Betty Who

Danny got himself a brand new mustang
We put the rag top down
Sammy says that he's the next big damn thing
He'll never leave this town
Annakay she likes to take her clothes off
Just stick around you'll see
Libby told me you're kinda tough but
You're always sweet to me
I been thinking bout you like crazy
But I'm shy when the lights are on
I see michael's outside with katy
Lighting fireworks on the lawn

These the glory days
This is the golden age
We're making out in the basement
I can fall in love tonight
These are the glory days
Stuck in a summer haze
And your eyes are so amazing
Don't you ever say goodbye

Breaking back into the high school hallways
The smell of our mistakes
Always said we'd be together one day
Well I don't wanna wait
Feel your hands down under the blanket
Yeah you know that you turn me on
If you gave me a chance I'd take it
Cuz' you're singing my favorite song

You know I'm burning up the backseat
The sun is heating up the concrete
Yea everybody is making love tonight
You hang your feet out of the window
And were ain't never gonna let go
And I know I never wanna say goodbye

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