No Request For The Corrupted

Beyond Creation

I am now attacked by someone corrupted
Suppressing i am, suffering i’m still
Is he what humanity is seeing?
As my own, i will cover my eyes
And say to myself;

Deliverance is waiting, deep inside my corpse
Betrayed, i will fight for the cause i see
No longer you're gonna stay free 'cause
I am the only reason for you to fear daylight!

An imperial pain is getting you now
You are your own victim
Still suffering, an imperial pain is getting you

Visions are decimated, this horizon is mine
What is entering in your eyes, right to your bastard cerebellum?
Is for sure a creation of fearless society
Fall on your knees, your pale face is exhumed to us
Divinity has rejected your request…cover up your head!

You are now attacked by people you left behind
Is this what you ever dreamed of?
Look how you ruined your life
You should have thought of the consequence
Now pay the price of your existence

Still suffering, an imperial pain, is getting you!!!

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