Letra - This Night

Billy Joel

Álbum: This Night

Didn't I say I wasn't ready for romance? Didn't we promise we would only be friends? And so we danced Though it was only a slow dance, I started breaking my promises right there and then Didn't I swear there would be no complications? Didn't you want someone who's seen it all before? Now that you're here It's not the same situation, Suddenly I don't remember the rules anymore <Chorus> This night is mine It's only you and I Tomorrow is a long time away This night can last forever I've been around somone like me should know better Falling in love would be the worst thing I could do Didn't I say I needed time to forget her? Aren't you running from someone who's not over you? How many nights have I been lonely without you? I tell myself how much I really don't care How many nights have I been thinking about you? Wanting to hold you but knowing you would not be there <Chorus 2> But this night you're mine It's only you and I I'll tell you to forget yesterday This night we are together <Chorus> This night OoooooOoooooo OoooooOoooooo Tomorrow is such a long time away This night can last forever

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