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Live For Jesus

B.J. Thomas

Oh, I want to be remembered as a girl
Who sang her songs for Jesus Christ
Who was willing to lay down her life
And do his will, no matter what the price
Well,I´m singing for the deaf man;
Who can hear about salvation through my song
And I´m singig for the blind man;
Who can see the light in me and come along

Live for Jesus, that´s what matters
And when other houses crumble,mine strong
Live for Jesus, that´s what matters;
That you see the light in me and come along.

There are times when I am tempted to
Turn off this rugged road I travel on
There are times when I say
"Jesus; can´t you find another girl to sing your song?"
Well, I know it´s not that I´m the only one
Who can sing this melody
But He´s chosen me to bless me;
And to lead me into what is best for me.

Repeat chorus twice

1978 Words,music by Honeytree
Cantora: Evie

(Se abrirem uma pagina para cantora Evie,continuarei enviando mais canções dela e de outro. Obrigado)

Composição: Honeytree(singer,evie)

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