Thank You, Baby

Captain & Tennille

And I thank you baby
For kisses and wishes
That you shared with me
And things that you did show me,
how you cared for me
And the way everyday when you'd say,
"Oh, I love to see you smile"

And I thank you baby
For thoughts can't be bought
but they ought to be shared with someone close
and i'm close to you,
Please look inside my mind and you'll find
That the kind of a man I need is you,
and I thank you baby

You're part of me,
and that's the way you'll always be
It's not hard to see
that you were the start of me

And I thank you baby for your love and devotion
And emotion that I felt while I lived with you
But we both know that it just won't work,
Please don't hurt
cause you're the first man I ever really loved,
And I thank you baby


Thank you

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