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Solomon Sang

Cassandra Wilson

He had silver and gold
Riches untold
And the beast of the field lay at his feet

Everybody bowed
He wondered why or how
It all came to be

No one understood his sorrow
No one saw his pain
He way praying for grace
Ravens pray for rain

And when he stood before the altar
Solomon sang
Solomon sang

Wisdom was his calling
Pride sent him falling
Love was blissful misery

When the days grew dim
Life begin again
In the questions of the queen

Did she understand his sorrow
Did she see his pain
Vanity and precious stones
Weigh you down the same

But when he laid down with mekeda
Solomon sang
Solomon sang

Love for woman
Love for god
Not so simple
Not too hard
For the spirit
Pleasure is sweet
And surrender set him free
Set him free

When our time is ended
How will we have spent it
Did we see the beauty in each day

Was it god's devotion
Behind each emotion
Or did it all just slip away

Can you understand his sorrow
Can you see his pain
Nothing lives forever
But the love that bears your name

And when he stood up in the temple
Solomon sang

Solomon sang
Solomon sang
Solomon sang

Composição: Cassandra Wilson

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