In Between The Sheets



[Verse 1:]
When I performed I'm a hustla, the reaction was crazy,
But I had to do a track for the ladys,
Maybachs to mercedez,
My youngins still gotta chop rocks,
Cause the block pop like it's back in the 80s,
And even back then I was attracting the ladies,
Real rap, I was mackin the ladies, still stacking the gravy,
I got bars like weightbenches,
But I don't holla at every broad that take interest,
I need a broad that could take more than 8 inches,
Stick the pipe right in her mouth like fake dentchers,
It's senseless to wife a girl now,
I don't need it in my life, I just pipe the girl down,
In between the sheets,
I'm tryna get right, in between them cheeks,
And my stroke on, I get my poke on,
Then I get my smoke on,
And I don't stop till all the condoms and the smoke gone

Oh, I like the way you receive me (Receive me, receive me)
Girl, I love the way you relieve me
Comin' on, comin' on strong (Comin' on strong)
{Sweet darlin'} In between the sheets

[Verse 2:]
Boo, soon as u start to strip, I'm a get hard as bricks,
Kiss your mouth and make u shout like a horror flick,
I no all the parts to lick, get u in the right mood,
I'm the type dude to use the whipcream and ice cubes,
I make the right moves, throw a slow song on,
U going to bed blushing with nothing but your thongs on,
Lookin all sexy, mami undress me, massage and caress me,
Then try to molese me,
Ride it like a jet ski, I'll make u melt girl,
N have you dealin with feelings u neva felt girl,
It's a rough life, u might need some help girl,
U can't get threw it if u do it by urself girl,
I'm here for you, willin to care for you,
And if u ever need ime I'm a be there for you,
We can do it real fly later,
Cause I last longer than them batteries in your vibrator


[Verse 3:]
I pop corkes of the champagne,
Of course me and scott storch do the damn thang yo with mario, singin the hook, it ain't hard to blow,
It's like a piece of cake, as long as I keep the faith,
Wait, I gotta flash, cause I got alot of cash,
But I got a whole alotta bills so I got to stash,
Alotta bad times wanna (ka) but u gotta last,
Gotta pass by the potholes, u ain't gotta crash,
The whip nice, sis like I'm tryna holla cass,
I be in the beemer or the pina colada jag,
I got alotta cash so I get alotta ass,
But it ain't nothing like a women with alot of class,
And alot of sense, but alot of style,
Face so pretty when u see her u just gotta smile,
Wow, I got dreams to meet,
A real queen that could please me in between the sheets


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