Stranger You

C.B. Green

Now you're gone – i still wonder what went wrong
That's what i did for 30 years
It's not you i miss – it's the things that weren't you
Could not get through to you
- but who could?

I don't cry for the man i miss
Cry for things we never did
I don't cry for excuses, no –
Cry for love, or – what is it?
Used to search for my own mistakes
I'm afraid the mistake was you...
And we still wouldn't work it out
If we had the chance to do
- stranger you!

On your way, hope you're feeling better now!
A wish we had a thousand times
Talk to me - and then let me talk to you
About your „wrongs“ – and help you through

Maybe you listen to these words
Maybe now that you're gone
Good advice sometimes hurts so bad, but
After that you may grow strong
How i wished to call you my „friend“
Called you „father“ til the end
Write these lines – noone asked me to
Maybe i still hold on you?
- stranger you!
- stranger me!
- stranger you!

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