The Hell Will Not To Prevail

Cerimonial Sacred

It was the collapse of the black ...
Voraz can see the sunset ...
Scroll through the cold corridors of the palace of fear
Blaze invade the kingdom of Satan.
I see nothing in my way, follow the flames of the way until the fall
The pain gets nostalgic in my bowels
I am a soldier in the battlefield.
Almas enegrecidas inquest, all are hidden
Show their spears, raise their trophies, the army of Christ
Trampling march to hell.
Millions of auras sudden, I see the dark spilling
tears and crying.
The constellation is deleting this infernal
All are prepared for collective ritual
Open up the doors, the Legions subjuguem diabolical
Anticipate the decline of the wicked souls to the infernal holocaust.
Lucifer desperately awaiting the final implementation of
his sentence of death.
I driver ignited the sword
I am an enemy of Satan, and I hate the enemy attacks, and the fruit of
I hate the seed generated in the dark
And opposition to hell a storm progresses.
Who can stop the arms of God?
Who is that with a spark and burn forests composed?
What demon is so powerful as Christ, whose power is eternal?
The war began ...

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