Chalk Farm

Roll it, roll the flower, blossom your power
And i will pay my respect to you
You're the godess of all flowers
You're my true neuronic powder

So we try to get in tune, night after night
And despite all the differences
We're all high
'cause we're sharing the same flower

And i keep on the power
Of another night
I feel so calm, much higher
Than i ever tried

Crazy people, crazy days
Different colours, different eyes
Come together in just one place

The sounds and music of all our dreams
Are the trip we all care for
Take you to higher places
You'll allways share where you are

Get in tune
Night after night
Vivid living, i guess that's been allright
The more you do, the more you try
The brotherhood of one more power night

Roll now
Let everybody
Roll now ...
High now
Let everybody
High now ...

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