Keep Shit On The Real (feat. E-a-ski)

Champ Diva

[Intro: E-A-Ski]
Hell yeah, 1994, we need to keep shit on the real
You know what I'm sayin? These muthafuckas is wack
Yo, and all you fake ass bustas, you best to keep it real with '94
Yeah, cus we ain't playin, yo Champ, break these muthafuckas off

[Champ Diva]
It's the same old shit no matter where you go
You could travel all around the world but there's wring men in ghettos
The other day I had some problems with a nigga
Had to shoot his ass dead to get my damn props
What the fuck is going on, I have to stay strapped
But that's ok with me, I need moret than a dope track
Grab my nine, unload the clip
Caught him right in the dome piece, and watched the blood drip
Fuck it, I'm going all out like a straight up menace
I gotta leave bodies behind until my job is finished
Until then, I have to ??? to complete my mission
I'm wishin that niggas ain't even thinkin about trippin
I'm flippin on whoever tried to beat me at my old game
It's a shame. how I left that zombie as a ??
Who's to blame? Me, and I don't give a fuck
Step up front nigga, and you just pressed your luck

[Chorus 4X: Champ Diva (E-A-Ski)]
(Keep It Real Though) Keep shit on the real, you know the deal
If you playin on us, then get the hell up out the ghetto

[Champ Diva]
It's time for me to move my way up the block, collect my dough
And hear them all with the rust, time to go
I'm too hard to try to work a nine-to-five
I'm spittin from the heart, so I gotta keep shit live
Because I like fast money and the money likes me
I like my shit hardcore, that's just how I be
Fuck all the bullshit, I take care of business money wise
Let me spark up this L and jack the St. Ides
Workin for the next man to be is typically
Try to jack me for mine, I take you out your misery
See I'm not playin when it comes to gettin paid
If you don't got the money then you got to go
Shit I jump up on any chick who try to spit foul
I blast your head off if you fuckin with my cat
Stupid bitch, I only pack this so you know the deal
If you fuckin with me, better keep shit on the real

[Chorus 4X]

[Interlude: E-A-Ski]
Hahaha, hell yeah
You better learn to keep shit on the real
That's right, yo Champ, come again

[Champ Diva]
Never in my lifetime will you ever hurt me
I'm too down and dirty and I'm leaving niggas thirsty
So don't ever sleep cus your mind is too weak
And if you try to creep, it'll be your brains on the concrete
Damn, I hate to walk around, watchin my back
I stay strapped, I even had to kidnap
I killed three other people, my shit is like a lethal weapon
So stop steppin, before I move on in your ???
I get a tattoo to attack my next victim
They got the nines and glocks and slugs all in them
Yeah, I couldn't give a fuck about a stranger
Fuckin with me and you'll be headin for danger
And I'll be doin your head as hard as I ???
I better leave blood soakin through your mattress
That's what you get for fuckin with a ghetto bitch
My fists are to pull the trigger on whoever try to snitch

[Chorus 5X]

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