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Going To Move To Alabama

Charley Patton

Aah : she's long and tall
*The way she do the boogie* : makes a panther squall

I'm going to show you common women : how I feel
Going to get me another woman : before I leave

Say mama got the washboard : my sister got the tub
My brother got the whiskey : mama got the jug

Well these evil women : sure make me tight
Got a handful of give?me : mouthful of much?obliged

Well I got a woman : she's long and tall
But when she wiggles : she makes a panther squall

Say mama and papa : going to work
Left my sister standing : at the watering trough

My mama told me :
Never love a woman : like she can't love you

I got up this morning : my hat in my hand
Didn't have no other brown : didn't have no man

Composição: Charley Patton

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