Chris Brown

[Verse 1: Tyga]
I love women and power, we used to sit and talk for hours
On the balcony, my condo play your favorite, shawty
No love lost, just the perfect soulmate, that's all
It's my fault, caught in a rupture
Should've been you I was touchin', I knew it wasn't
My ego, I was buzzin' but not how you wanted
Too busy tryna flaunt it, like I just bought it
You know them bitches 'round you can't hold water
This s'posed to be our moment
These pills set it, I'm feelin' better
Called you to tell you I love you
But you too busy with some other shit, I'm guessin'
No texts, no proof, no voice messages
How we become enemies so effortless?
Or was I blind when you was naked?
Or high when you was level
Know time is of the essence
No lie, I live and regret it
Decisions I made, embedded in my mind
Hate to admit it, but I gotta say it one time

[Hook: Chris Brown]
Should've treated you right
But every night I was livin' life in the fast lane
I should've put my focus on you
In the club every night
I just get it wrong when you do right
And I keep just fillin' your head with the lies
This shit comes with a price
A nigga should've loved you better
A nigga should've loved you better
A nigga should've loved you better
A nigga should've loved you

[Verse 2: Chris Brown]
What happened to me, babe?
This ain't who you fell in love with
You say you need space
Don't do this
Just look at me, one more time
I know I fucked up but I'm tryin' to please you
I'ma give you all
And your heartache and pain's gonna stop
Baby right here
Don't walk away
There is no one left to call
Don't wanna be alone when you disappear
I know I hurt you more than three times
Now you need me time
Fuck I'm s'posed to do in the meantime?
Then she told me "figure it out"


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