Blue Rose

Chris Brown

[Verse 1]
Girl I double dare you, to keep it all
Then be 100 with me
If I may not gone lie, I'm scared to
I know you got something to tell me
Cause you're fucking up, [?]
So baby tell me where you were
I'm sick and tired, I know you saw me calling
Think I should've [?] for a while now

Feels so confused when you say that you don't need me
It's only you that's making you wanna leave me
How is this trust? I lost it, when you let them fuck
Yeah you did yup
Girl I lost it, I lost it
How could you give it up?

Cause girl you did, that one thing
It's fucked up, the way you did that one thing
And I don't care if you was drinking, smoking with your girls
And feeling it, how could you consider it?
Feels so inconsiderate
I already made you been [?] and living it
Stop acting so innocent, cause you be on that other shit

[Verse 2]
Baby how can I compare you?
To a queen or a diamond in the rough, I'm scared to
Can't even recognize you
Don't wanna look at your face, you make me sick I'mma throw up
When roses turn blue-ish, that means your garden ain't true yeah (True yeah)
I know you let them eat it, yes you did yup
Taking food of my plate



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