It's Yo Shit

Chris Brown

[Verse 1: Chris Brown]
Baby tell me if you're ready, ready for the real thing
You got them lining up and running [?] but you need the real me
And if I get the chance Imma ask you when's the last time you've been satisfied
Give me a chance and I'll show you that I ain't even like them other guys
I do it different from them others guys I know they be tripping
I know what you want so let's get right out of here
Let's go baby I'm counting all my blessing tonight

[Hook: Chris Brown]
You saying all the right shit, well girl I like it
I'm going to make this night romantic
I'm going to love you baby
And I know what you've been dreaming about
It's yo shit, It's yo shit
(Oh the way you put it on me)
It's yo shit, It's yo shit

[Verse 2: Tyga]
Sex on the dresser legs on the leather
Do it so good I might let you rub my necklace
We fucking to record just for the record
Nickname Alexis but you don't push a Lexus
[?] no ordinary shit
Southern part of Euro spending Euros at the [?]
Checks waiting when I land that's money in advanced
Benjamin talk frankly you don't understand me
My [?] upper echelon you should tag along [?]
What we doing here and speaking through your [?]
Fuck you hard, I'm a midnight star David [?]
When you see the headlights like a falling star
Yacht no barge looking like a [?]
Got a hater so blue liker Marge

[Hook: Chris Brown]

[Verse 3: Wale]
It's yo shit, it's yo shit
I don't dig her [?]
I'm dope yes I know this
The word is my third leg a boflex
Time to have sex [?]
I'm dipping in the 362 with the 57
Soon as she get in here she put ht e flip on the zipper
I'm dipping with it, I can tickle your kitty with it
[?] don't kick it with kitty litter
[?] the DMV of course
Hit the streets guarantee the women [?]
Ever blue moon [?]
The ring and the bling look like Billie Jean Porsche
This that Mike Jack flow
I'mma bite that spike [?]

[Hook: Chris Brown]

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